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Did you know ?

After the Second World War, the New Zealanders looking to give it a name. They think of bird native to China : The Kiwi.  This Bird produces a special and distinctive call : « Kivi-Kivi », this name was adopted for the fruit.

Antoher name given to it : "The China Gooseberry". 

From this big country, the Kiwi comes from a tree, more or less tall and wide, whose ends are lianas. In orchard, you will come across male and female trees. It's only on this tree lianas that grow fruits. 


When does it appear ?

Chinese art from 1750 deals with existence of Kiwi, but it must wait 1975 to see appear orchards in France. First cultivated in New Zealand, we can find the Kiwi in Italy and Chile. Our country is the second Européan producer behind our transalpine neighbour. 

Our soil and our know-how allow to the French Kiwi, from South-Ouest, in the Landes, to be stamped with the « Label Rouge » distinction.  

At La Pinède, we grow the Haward variety, classic green Kiwi and soon, the yellow kiwi bio. The first one is sugary with added vitamins whereas the second one has a green flesh, sugary and slightly acid. The childrens love the last one.

Dont deprive yourself of this fruit, he is low in calories with added vitamins to assit you all day long. 

How does it work ?

Pollination : The bees forage the male flower tree, then they arise on the female tree. 

If all goes well, the work is down, and we expect the growth of the fruit.  


A rigorous control is necessary troughout this step.


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